Thursday, March 25, 2010

[INFO] 100325 YunHo - Annyeong Nae SaRang MV Teaser

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Remember a while back photos of YunHo filming at a clinic/hospital got out ?^^ Well, this is the MV he’s filming for!

Annyeong My Love is a soon-to-be released single by Kim WooJu, a singer/songwriter, member of the popular 85 Club and is one of YunHo’s bestfriends from GwangJu! A few weeks back, he posted screencaps of the MV’s sample vids on gonggae/private mode for his Cyworld ilchons, but he told us not to post it out yet until the MV is finalized~

The MV to be honest — you can brand it an 85 Club MV! Most if not all of the MV actors are 85 Club members – SuJin unnie (she’s the lead girl here) , SangHyuk (You’ve most likely seen him~), ShinHyun and EunKyung~

Today oppa put the Annyeong Nae Sarang album on public, and added screencaps from the teaser! We can finally post about it! *dances*

Okay, in case your wondering why I know about him, let me tell you a quick story. Haha^^’ Back in 2007, I used to lurk on Park YooHwan’s hompy and left comments a lot, and exchanged a couple of PMs as well (no, not declarations of love and whatnot) and somehow I found WooJu oppa’s hompy. I didn’t know he was an artist back then, but I knew he was also an 85 Club member, which YunHo (and JaeJoongie) at that time were part of. So I added him as Cyworld ilchon/friend and he added me back. I occasionally left messages and he would reply (he’s quite nice like that) haha xD ^^ So… there you go.

Source: WJ's Cyworld
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