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[TRANS] 100323 “Where is Xiah Papa’s Pizza Shop?”


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[수도권] 서울 120다산콜 상담…외국인들의 궁금증은
2010-03-23 05:19

-Partially translated

For foreign language services, press number 9.

A Foreign language counseling call service (120 다산) started in Korea on the 24th last month.

Prior to opening the service, the counseling call center selected and hired 20 counselors who can communicate well in English, Chinese, Mongolian, Vietnamese and Japanese last December. The five languages were selected according to the diverse numbers of the foreigners living in Korea.

There are quite a number of people who come from Mongolia and Vietnam to Korea for an international marriage or business reasons. The numbers of calls recorded in the past were, English (927 calls), Vietnamese (767), and Mongolian (559).

While the call center supports foreign residence living in Korea, many numbers of the calls recorded in the files from Japanese speaking persons were such as “please tell me how to go to TVXQ member’s father’s Pizza shop”, “where is the Iris’s drama shooting location?”, etc.

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