Monday, March 22, 2010

[TRANS] 100226 Next Generation’s Waki Nanaka Mentioned Tohoshinki in Her Blog

SYC note:

From NEXT GENERATION member, Waki Nanaka’s blog.
She’s a huge fan of Tohoshinki as her blog mostly rant about Tohoshinki here and there ^^

Her current song in each post is mostly Tohoshinki’s songs… her alarm tune is TVXQ’s Crazy Love… and she even said that she danced to Tohoshinki’s MIROTIC routines when she found that she got high marks for her exam, LOL

But I trans only one of her entry which I found really cute, and has a picture of her holding Best Selection 2010 album . Oh and btw, Miss. Nanaka, I got hottie beast Changmin card too for my Best Selection album!!! *high five*

And then….
TVXQ BEST ALBUM kyaaーーー(゜∀゜)ーーー!!

I’m really happy because I’ve been looking forward to it so much (≧∀≦)!

Jacket card is…

He looks really cool!!

Then I approached my mother and said, “I got Changmin!”
After I reported that, she told me, “What, you’re very lucky!” (laughs)

(It’s because my mother loves Changmin)

Since this is the first time I got Changmin, so I’m really glad ♪ ♪

I bought 2CD + DVD but I need to refrain from playing it because I was in exam period! That’s why I haven’t watched th DVD yet!

But since the exam has already ended…
Today… now! Got to go! I want to watch it (´ `)★

Let’s enjoy…!

Current song: Sky / Tohoshinki

Source: waki nanaka’s blog
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