Sunday, March 21, 2010

[TRANS] 100321 Twitter of "Sunaoni Narenakute" Staff

We will start filming tomorrow!! Though it is rainy, we’ll go on~~ at last, the love story drama "Sunaoni Narenakute" will start. Everyone, please look forward to the drama.
(Mar 15 4:10pm)

We successfully started the filming!! But, oh, I was late …from the first day. (other sentences omitted)
(Mar 16 2:44pm)

Everyone, good evening!! Ueno Juri-san (as Haru) has started the filming. For all the actors, they will start very soon~~
(Mar 18 9:54pm)

Good evening~!!! Today Tamayama-san (as Linda) and Jaejoong-san (as Doctor) started the filming (^v^) Tamayama-san’s words when Jaejoong-san started the filming were very impressive!! The words were "Oh! Everyone is welcoming Jaejoong with more applause than me." Linda-san, surely not(T_T)
(Approx 10 hours ago)

Source:hiroto1222 Twitter
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