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[TRANS] 100412 "I Exploded" “Is It Really Jaejoong?! I felt” Said Jaejoong


Partially Translated

At the press conference of the new Fuji TV Drama "Sunaoni Narenakute", a story writer Eriko Kitagawa shared to say, “The reality of life may be that there are so many things in life we cannot overcome or resolve, and everyone lives carrying those issues, yet try to live with smiles. I wanted to write a story of such human nature in this drama.”

For Jaejoong, this is his first Japanese drama appearance, and he mentioned, “It was so fresh to see my own face in Japanese drama. And I felt ‘Is this really Jeajoong?!’ and I watched a drama with lots of excitement and screams. It was very interesting and at the scene of Linda (Tamayama), I exploded.”

The whole conference room was filled with laughter as Jaejoong shared his story that he could not help but scream at Tamayama's scene in the drama.

Tamayama followed Jaejoong by saying, “Jun-kun was watching next door to my room, and at my kiss scene, I heard him yell ‘Naaaahhh~~~!’” and the whole conference place were filled with even bigger laughter".

(T/N: Tamayama and other actors might be calling Jaejoong, “Jun-kun” which is very warm way in Japan to name someone with a nickname using “kun” at the end.” Jaejoong surely must be loved to receive such name from his co-actors.)

(From the left: Megumi Seki, Jaejoong, Eita, Juri Ueno, Tetsuji Tamayama and the fans behind them.)

(YT by:april0JJ) Super News

Jaejoong said "it is strange that my face appears in Japanese drama".

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