Monday, April 12, 2010

[TRANS] 100412 Iitomo TV "When My Heart Beat" by Jaejoong

-Quick Translation from Waratte Iitomo TV (*Not every words are translated)-

Ask popular actors questions ranking: "The time when your heart beats 'Kyun'"

(*"Kyun" is a word used for heart beat in Japanese way when the people feel attracted to others etc.
Iitomo TV program asked actors when their heart feel “Kyun” and ranked them and presented them at the program.)

#9 in ranking: "When a stranger woman stare at me (I feel 'Kyun')" by Jeajoong.

Video of a girl looking at a guy shows.

MC: "Who chose this one?"

00:49: JJ: "Yes, it is me."

00:52: Tamori MC: "That is dangerous and fierce!"


JJ lick his lip

00:59: JJ: "Well in my case, I experienced it once."

Nakai (SMAP): "Oh you experienced it."

JJ: "Yes. And at that time, I also stared at her."

LOL (SMAP, Kimura Takuya's reaction look shocked. ^^)

Nakai: "Was she your type?"

JJ: "Yes, she was really my type."


JJ: "And we looked at each other for a long time. And so I thought the person might like me. Then I kept on looking at her. Then later on, her boyfriend, a guy appeared. I thought, why you look at me when you have a boyfriend?"

MC: Next is #6 "When I lose alcohol drinking amount to a girl, I am really disappointed" by Jaejoong.

01:59: JJ nods and looks disappointed

Nakai: "Sunaoni Narenkute starts in three days. We need to make an announcement."

Comedian shows up to do a drama announcement with their gag.

04:19: They end their gag using Tamayama's name and he laughs together with Jeajoong, which shows their friendly atmosphere.

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: Waratte Iitomo Fuji TV+april9JJ
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