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[FANACC] 100307 Stalking Yunho in LA with Lots of Luck

This morning I got up at 6 and got ready to go to LAX

When we reached there were already a lot of fans waiting
We were trying to keep really low profiled and stood by the trashcan, and discussed how we should follow the car

In the end, I waited by the trashcan
Yvette went to the parking lot and circled around LAX

Because there weren’t a lot of cars in the morning, there weren’t a lot of security guards, there were virtually none
So Yvette had parked in front of the airport entrance quite a couple of time
With her sharp eyes she discovered an SUV
The driver got out
He pulled over in front of the entrance as well, and stopped right in front of our car

The important part is
Yvette realized that there was already a small suitcase in the car

Then the someone from another SUV came out and shouted “Still not here”
so the two of them kept calling on their cellphones

a security guard showed up
he made all 3 cars move (including ours)
the 2 drivers tried to talk him out of it
but everyone ended up moving

After a little bit
I by the trashcan and saw a guy with filming stuff, ad a pretty girl with short hair
And there were a lot of luggage
So I called Yvette saying he is probably here
At that time, she just circled around again
very RP and stopped in front of the entrance

I heard a lot of screaming
in about 2 minutes, Yunho appeared in front of me (AHHH!!! How I wish I was there)
At this time Yvette is more RP and saw the 2 drivers came back together

I stood by the trashcan and watched Yunho going to an exit
Everyone rushed outside, through a different excit Yvette was at
then they realized
he went into the restroom (I guess most of them are fangirls! hehe! smart Yunho)

So I didn’t have anything else i could do except for wait outside the restroom
Even though I really wanted to go inside, but I was afraid of being shooed out

After a while, there’s still no movement from Yunho
So I went back to the trashcan and waited

Just then, the manager ran to the lobby area
stood by one of the drivers and got on the phone
After a few words, they shook hands

A worker at the airport was joking around with her co-woker
“What is he doing in there for so long? changing?”
then said “Seems like he needs a private restroom”
Yunho was in there for like at least 5 minutes

This time, Yvette was still waiting
She saw a white van with the girl translator Jay

When everyone wanted to rush into the restroom to see if there’s something secretive going on in the restroom
Yunho appeared

Yunho went to the SUV
In the crowd of MM, there were a couple not so young Japanese ladies calling Yunho “oppa”

At this time I went to the lobby as well
but I went the opposite direction as most of the crowd
I went to our car
While I was running, I kept on looking back
I saw Yunho was really very nice, waving to everyone

The important part is
Yunho was in a very good mood today

Seeing him getting in the car
I hurriedly got into the passenger seat
shouted to Yvette: “Let’s go!”
She was like “They are behind us, how can we go forward?”
(sorry, the expression was hard to translate… but its a witty comeback from her friend)

After a long while
Their car finally left
We ignored the white van
And followed closely after the SUV
PS. That car has to be rented

After we started driving
There weren’t a lot of cars on the road, we continued to follow behind their car and not go around it
We were afraid we were going to get caught…
So I was very worried about what will happen next

Yvette said “Did you forget I’m the queen of the freeway?”

The driver tried to lose us on the freeway quite a few times
but she followed anyways
The driver didn’t seem to know LAX as well as we thought
When it looked like he was trying to confuse us
He missed the road to the freeway, and had to make a U-turn

After a while we finally got on the freeway
We got there first waiting for the driver to catch up with is
because he missed the exit again

Today is Friday
There are already a lot of cars on 405
The diver couldn’t get rid of us
Our queen of the freeway happily followed Yunho’s car

We followed them to an office building
it was Ave of the Stars
When we were wondering why they didn’t go to a hotel first
They went the wrong way again
then stopped in front of a building called SunAmerica

Then the other vans showed up

Yunho stood in front of the building
3 video cameras followed him
I really wanted to roll down the window and shout “U-know fighting”
But Yvette warned me
so I gave up
So I could only sit there and watch Yunho

The 3 cars took off for the parking lot
So we could only circle around the building
After the 2nd round
all the cars left

We had to gamble on this one
went to the SunAmerica parking lot to find the car
We say that for each 12 minutes, we had to pay $4.5 (OMG!!! that’s treacherous! its usually .25 an hour!!)
So I borrowed the popular phrase (seriously?? I think Oh My God Sun is more epic!)
Oh my lady gaga~“`

We still went in
didn’t find the car after one round
didn’t give up
we parked and went to the lobby but still nothing
we paid $8.5 and left

When we left the parking lot
We wondered if they parked around AMC theater parking lot
so we decided to go look

Very RP
when we went into the AMC parking lot
we found all 3 cars

At this time, Yvette already ditched half day of work
so she needed to go back to work and I went home to sleep
around 3
I went to pick up Yvette
We decided to go try our luck again

We are definitely lucky today (heck yea!)
the cars were still there
So we stopped there and waited
Later the drivers came out
everyone got into the car and left

We were really curious why they are not going to check-in at a hotel
We decided to continue to follow them
because we really wanted to know which hotel Yunho would be staying at

After a while, we felt the direction we were going was very odd
We thought the direction we were going was very familiar
when we got to highway 15, we wondered if they were really going to Vegas
Even though in the morning, we saw that the driver already had his luggage
We wondered if they were really going straight to vegas
We didn’t bring anything, no cloth, no toothbrush, and no money, even though we had our credit card, but they were limited
But we followed anyways
to see if they are really going on highway 15

They did get on the high way

had to turn around and go home

Even though we didn’t follow them to the end point
but we believe they are going to Vegas

I’ll stop here for now
Everyone work hard for the next 20 days
If possible, lets meet in Vegas (see you there! my spring break starts in 2 weeks!)

source: 小在要幸福@uknowbar
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