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[INFO/YT] 100307 TVXQ in Mexican Radio, thanks to ProudFanclub

TVXQ in mexican Radio Station
Ok, so, I found this while going through Proud Fanclub, which is Mexico\'s TVXQ fanclub.

I\'m so happy here in mexico they talked about our boys today, even if it was short and with some mistakes in spelling but is ok, this was a very popular show.
I\'m very proud of this achievenment in mexico because is the second time, first was the Dia 7 Magazine and now this, and even if can\'t be compared with the Peru or New york radio programs, I\'m happy.
DBSGirl @youtube

Man #1: Really sudden change in rhythm!
Today we have Maria De Los Angeles, she is 22 years old
She lives in Toluca and she wrote to us to propose in this space a south korean pop group.
Man #2: I have never heard of a Korean pop band
Man #1: Me neither
Man #2: I am really surprised, their name is DongBangShinKi, better known for their initials DBSK.
Man #1: What do you think that means?
Man #2: We will ask Maria, she is on the line to tell us about this musical project. Maria How are you?

Maria: Good afternoon!
Man #1: Hey Maria, tell us, what is Dong Bang ShinKi?, is it like the Backstreet Boys of Korea?
Maria: But with more talent. ^ ^
Man #2: Yeah!
Man #1: What does the name of the group mean?
Maria: Rising Gods of the East
Man #2: Pieces?
Maria: No, Gods. lol
Man #1: Well tell us more about them.

Maria: Well, they are a band also known in Japan, they aer also known as Tohoshinki...
Man #1: What does Tohoshinki mean?
Maria: Same thing, and their international name is TVXQ,
they are a South Korean band, formed by 5 boys specialized in dance, acapella singing and harmonic rhythms. They can sing from K-POP to R&B, electronic music and ballads. Their names are: (Insert our boys names here )
Man #2: Woah!
Maria: Hahaha...they are popular in Korea, Japan, and China, also Taiwan, and countries in Europe like England and France where they have already been before, and in non-official places like Mexico, Chile, Bolivia, Puerto Rico and Argentina.
Man #1: Are they popular here?
Man #2: Well, I didn\'t know about them, but Maria has been telling me that there are groups of girls that meet to listen and share asian music, how does that work Maria?

Maria: There are several fanclubs here in Mexico, and there is a korean wave (not sure about this part)
It\'s not just DBSK\'s fanclubs, but all bands in South Korea and we share our likings.
Man #1: And how did you started liking these guys?
Maria: It\'s because they aer all really cute, you should watch their videos, they are good dancers. I started watching Korean dramas..(omnited part)

Start at 3:34

Man #1: Do you remember that scream that the koreans screamed at the korea-japan games?
They sounded like they were saying \"Tehumingo\" or something like that, do you know what it means?
Maria: No, haha.
Man #2: I never knew what they were screaming, well, in any case, there it is, DBSK a korean group.
Man #1: So Maria, if anyone is interested in listening to them or know more about them, where can they look for them?
Maria: Well, the internet, youtube......(omnited part)

Man #1: Well thank you Maria
Maria: Thank you!
Man #2: You know what? I was in a bad mood, but now I am not anymore

Source: Proud FanClub
Shared By: danyunho4ever @ ONETVXQ
Credits: DBSGirl @youtube
Translation: danyunho4ever @ ONETVXQ
Feel free to take out but leave credits intact, Thanks!


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