Monday, March 8, 2010

[Trans] A-Star Extra Magazine Vol.4/2010 – Top 5 Most Favorite of A-Star’s Editorial Staff 2009

T/N last translation is about the experiences of the staff who got a chance to work with the artists [ Most Impression Idol ] but this time is the vote from all A-Star’s editorial Staff and be careful with words when you translate it into ANY LANGUAGE

The Korean artists who inspire A-Star Team in their work

#1 Youngwoong Jaejoong – Determined but full of laughs

Jaejoong was number 1 in 2008 and still at #1 in 2009. To be honest his handsome face doesn’t effect this vote (Really?) ok ok when you 1st meet someone you gotta look at their face right? So yeah we fall in love with his handsome face (and some of the staff have their hair cut or change their hair color the same as Jaejoong)

Jaejoong got good sense of fashion and he’s so confident in revealing himself to the fans. Something that other people might think it’s not good but Jaejoong believes that Cassiopeia who really love him can accept who he is.

We are in love with his clumsy incidents,his voice when he laughs (very unique) and most importantly it’s his sincerity under his still face and his sweetest smile, the fan clubs can really see all of this.

His ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH tattoo on the left of his chest(written on his heart), his love and care as the biggest brother of TVXQ to other members (though it always comes up with some kind of prank) but that’s the way Jaejoong shows his love.

#2 Lee DongHae – SJ
#3 Taemin – SHINee
#4 Crystal – F(x)
#5 Minji -2ne1

source: A-Star Extra Magazine Vol.4/2010
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