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[TRANS] 091015 Yu Kigoshi's Blog Update

*T/N: He is the author of the book “東方神起の秘密” (Tohoshinki’s Secret).
He seems to really like Korean people/culture/things in general.
Only translated the part he mentioned about Tohoshinki

I received a wonderful letter!

The very top one is someone who sends me a letter very often and i even remember their name(^∇^)
Very nice writing. I have a a license in calligraphy but… i am not good with pens.
If you’re going to study abroad to Korea please tell me! I’ll introduce a few great restaurant’s!

The second one is from a young person♪
It seems that they read “Tohoshinki’s Secret”, and wrote me a lot of things that made me happyヾ(@^(∞)^@)ノ
One of them seems to be Jaejoong’s fan! I understand why you like him!
I am older than him and he makes me think like i want a younger brother like him.

JJ「Older brother, did you eat? do you have your wallet? brother, you’re too skinny so you have to eat properly!」
Me「I know-! god, you worry so much…」

Woops. I was in delusion. A weird one too. and i was in delusion in Korean.

There was one more person who had a question!

Q.What is your favorite part of the members?

Great question~!

Yunho: I would have to say how he is manly. Also i think we think alike.
that’s just what i think but… so alike that i cant think we’re strangers.

Jaejoong: I heard a lot when I interviewed his middle school teacher but he puts himself in other peoples shoes before anything.

Princess always tells me “Always think of the other persons feelings before you say or do something. Then you wont get into fights and hurt that other person”. Jaejoong really understands that.

Junsu: He has my favorite voice type. Even when he fails in something he gets back up and tries to achieve his goals to overcome his fears. My teacher Moon Yonho also said that how he does his best and how he shows his funny side is cute.

Yoochun: Out of the 5 I want his face the most. Also same as Junsu but his voice is very admiring.

He has a strong voice yet his personality is that hes gets really lonely. My friend sometimes drinks alcohol with Yoochun and so i hear about his private life but, hes gets really lonely. (Since its his private life i wont write anything)
The gap between his normal life and when he stands on stage with such confidence is what makes me attracted to him.
Also i too get lonely, when i notice i am always chewing on Mcdonald’s straw.
what? your not asking for my story? (lol)

Changmin: His confidence and strong feelings toward singing that wont lose to his hyungs, and how he’s strict.

He practices until he himself is convinced, and even if he tries the most and hes still not convinced he gets mad at himself that it makes him tear up. I feel that i really really need to learn to be strict like him.

There are so much things i like about them but its going to be long so maybe next time( ̄▽+ ̄*)

next is!
do you see the top left?
This is Tohoshinki’s Morinaga version!
and also on the right there’s a picture of me when i used to model on the chocolate!
This is really amazing.
For a second it seems like i was a part of Tohoshinki and it made me happy.
I’ll use the Rirrakuma Goods too!

※ this small laptop is where “Tohoshinki’s Secret” is made (;´▽`A“

Every single letter i read makes me filled with warm feelings.
I am really thankful and it also gives me power.

And if you want to send me a letter if you look at the book “tohoshinki’s secret” or you can look at the back of my books i think it’ll say the address o(^-^)o and if you add ” To Kigoshi Yu” it should be good!

Please don’t mind getting me gifts(*^ー^)ノ Just a letter makes me happy.
But all the things sent will be used like this and treasured carefully!
Please let me say thank you again♪


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