Monday, February 15, 2010

[YT/INFO] 100209 Xiahzart Bed Scene + Kissing Scene! (R15)

Please do not click YT if you do not wish to see Junsu's Kiss scene. Thanks! ^^

[YT/INFO] 100209 Xiahzart Bed Scene + Kissing Scene! (R15)

[INFO] Story line of this scene:

Wolfgang has moved out of the Weber's apartment. Nonetheless, his love for Constanze is stronger than ever. She visits him one evening. Constanze has left the family house and turns now to the only person whom she trusts. When Wolfgang takes her into his arms, Cäcilia Weber and her new partner Johann Thorwart stand in the door. They accuse Mozart of seducing her daughter and they force him to sign a contract which requires Wolfgang to either marry their daughter or to pay her lifelong expenses. Constanze is outraged at her mother's plot. She secretly absconds with the contract and tears it apart in front of Wolfgang.

Source Credits: Mozart!
YT Source: youku + dirah9308
Translation: Junsulv @
Shared by: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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