Saturday, February 20, 2010

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"Tokiwo Tomete"
2010-02-18 Thursday

Today (passed midnight, so already yesterday), Tohoshinki’s "BEST SELECTION 2010" was released, and in the album, two of my works are included. The two songs are, "Forever Love" and "時ヲ止メテ" (T/N: Tokiwo Tomete)!
The song "Tokiwo Tomete" was already decided last spring to be recorded, but there seemed to be some problems (with their management company), so the release was once doubtful. I heard rumors that the song will not be CD released, and I was really worried. But I am so delighted that the song is now released to the public in the form of the CD!
I am confident that I was the person who was waiting the most for the song to be CD released, even more than all the fans! (Lol)
I composed the song "Tokiwo Tomete" imagining the 5 members singing the song.
This is the first time that I heard the recorded full version of the song, and the completed works are far beyond my imagination, so lovely!
Well, this song is only included in the 2CD+DVD, the most expensive version, so I thank you for your consideration. (Lol)
And the single CD will be released next month. Will they film the PV?


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