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[INFO] 091116: A Bigeast Project: "Make Our TVXQ Happy Together!" ^^

(T/N: Bit too early for this? Oh well! LOL. Pic by jeajoong girl.)

[INFO] 091116: "Make Our TVXQ Happy Together!" A Bigeast Project: "We Love TVXQ!"

A Japanese TVXQ fan site,"Bigeast Fan", which has over 10,000 members had posted an article today,
asking for everyone's participation to make our TVXQ happy together.

They are sending a post card to Avex Co, with the hand written words,
"We Love (This part is written with the red heart mark)TVXQ!"
in the center of the post card.

They also asked the other part of the post card to be filled with an encouraging message to our TVXQ.
Let us squeeze in the words, "Always Keep The Faith!" and 「믿어요!」(believe) in Korean in it.

In Japan, they requested to mail all the post cards on November 29th, 2009.
Which most likely will arrive at around November 30th or December 1st.
So, if overseas TVXQ fan friends wish to mail them to match the timing of the Bigeast,
it will be the best to target your post card to arrive at around December 1, 2009 in Japan!

If you ask at your local post office in your country where you live, they will be able to
give you a general idea when the post card needs to be sent from your country
to make it arrive at around December 1st, 2009 in Japan. ^^

There is no particular post card Bigeast sell for this project. ^^
In Japan they ask to use a simple one from the post office.
(50 yen card. Around 50 cents USD.)

Just add "We Love (heart mark here) TVXQ!"in the center spot.
One simple post card you can buy at your local post office would do!
What's important is to fill your love in it!!

And if you are up for it, please add "OneTVXQ.com" on it!
Then they may visit us here??????? Uoooo~~~~~

P.S. YC was in the USA for few years and TVXQ studied English in their Korean junior
and high schools and also at their colleges, so if the words are written in simple English writings they all will understad.
If in case you are learning Korean try hand writing them. They will love them!^^

"믿어요" "I believe" in Korean. Exact letter which Chinese cassie used at the concert in China.

"Junsu あいしてる。"

"I love you, Junsu" in Japanese. Just switch the first letter to TVXQ or your favorite one. All TVXQ read Hiragana.
If you leave a comment below for the request of the words in Japanese Hiragana, I can leave it in the comment section.
I can also read and write simple Korean. So, if it is a simple one, please ask me here.
Or else, our Korean speaking friends will help us I am sure.^^

"TVXQ 사랑해요" "I love you TVXQ" in Korean. Try hand writing these. They shall love them!
My korean friend (I love them! ^^) told me when I write Korean it does not look the same as a native korean person,
and they feel touched to see me try hard to write it. ^^

Address of the Avex Co.

To: Avex Entertainment Co.
Avex Building 6F,
Attention: Tohoshinki
3-1-30, Minami Aoyama,
Minato-ku, Tokyo,
Japan, 107-0062

Always Keep The Faith!! ^^

Source: Bigeast
Translated by: Junsulv@OneTVXQ.com
Shared by: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thank you!


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