Wednesday, November 18, 2009

[NEWS] 091117 Tsutomu imitates Junsu? The Sekine's will hold a live show next February.

A daughter and a father, Mari Sekine (25) and Tsutomu Sekine (56) had a press conference
with lots of laughter at the Hotel Pacific in Shinagawa, Tokyo on November 16, 2009.

The whole room was filled with the laughter as this father and daughter team had shared
about their upcoming "a father and a daughter", live talk show which is planned to be held four times
in Tokyo and Shikoku area next February.

Tsutomu imitates Junsu.
He says in the video that TVXQ are all super good guys.


Furthermore, Mari revealed funny photographs of her father such as the photo of Tsutomu
wearing a black tank top mimicking to imitate Junsu from a Korean popular idol group TVXQ.

Mari will also make her debut as a singer releasing a single "Thank you", on January 20, next year.
T/N: TVXQ fans may purchase their live show ticket to see Tsutomu imitate Junsu? LOL.

The Sekine's press conference YT (In Japanese.)


Always Keep The Faith!

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