Wednesday, November 18, 2009

[NEWS] 091118 Top 3! TVXQ made Oronamin C's Brand Ranking up!

[TRANS] 091118 TVXQ made Oronamin C's Brand Ranking up to the top 3!

#1 Coka Cola

#2 Calpis

#3 Oronamin C & Pepsi

T/N: Because of TVXQ, Oronanin C made top 3. ^^ Along with Pepsi. WOW! laugh.gif
This news reminds me of NHK's MJ special which features Beetles, Michel Jackson and TVXQ! ^^
Hope our TVXQ knows all these great news about them. ^^

Japan Internet News :"The BPI Brand Ranking".

Nifty announced "The BPI Brand Ranking" during October, 2009
which evaluates the brand blog ranking.

For the "Nonalcoholic beverage ranking", Oronamin C related topic ranking scored
the highest interest of the months of October. The Interest Ranking Point of 4.22.
It seems to be caused by the appointment of "TVXQ" as their main character
for their commercials.

T/N: Yep, everywhere they are, the ranking hit the top! LOL.
Remember MBC Every 1?
Oronamin Co spokesperson stated that their sells are up because of TVXQ

Source: Japan & Nifty Co + as tagged.
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Shared by: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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