Wednesday, November 18, 2009

[INFO] 091118 NHKPD says,"TVXQ Fans Fighting (Cheer UP)!!" Music Japan

[INFO]091118 NHK Music Japan Producer says,

"TVXQ Fans Fighting!!" We wish to make "TVXQ MJ Special Part 2!"

(YT: As tagged: If you click the video, you can find the rest of the programs.)

Music Japan's Producers Comment to TVXQ Fans:

TVXQ Fans! Fighting (Cheer up)!!

The rebroadcast of "TVXQ Special" will be on air this week.
This is the special program which was broadcasted last winter.
A lot of rebroadcast requests were sent and so it was added in the lineup. ^^

Perhaps TVXQ fans are spending the days to worry about various happenings.
If this program lightens up your spirit a little bit, I would be delighted as a producer
of this program by all means.

For the new fans, I think that it might be the first time for you to watch this program.
Please send your impression of the Music Japan TVXQ Special program to us!
It will be nice if it is an uplifting comments.

Since we eagerly wish to make "TVXQ Special Part 2" soon,
your comment will make a very useful reference to us.

By Ishihara Producer from Music Japan, NHK, Japan

A photo from the same blog: 090905:
We celebrated Yuchun's birthday.

How to send our message:

T/N:NHK has many staffs who can read multiple languages.
If we send our message in English, they sure will understand.
They should have staff who understands, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, etc, etc as well.
But I personally think Ishihara PD may understand Japanese and English only. ^^
I could be wrong here. ^^

Click below URL & Fill out the form:

名前(フリガナ): Name
ペンネーム: Nick Name or HN Name
If you wish to be called with your real name in their program, do not fill in this one. )
メールアドレス: Mail Address
住所 : Home Address
電話番号: Phone Number.
職業 : Your Occupation:
学生: Student: 会社員: Office Worker: 公務員: Government Worker: 主婦: House Wife: その他: Others:
性別: Gender: A:男性; Male: B:女性: Female
年齢 歳 : Age
ご意見、リクエスト、質問など : Comment, Request, Questions, etc

Click left side bottom which writes, 送信: Send:Do not click right side. クリア:Erase /Clear:

Always Keep The Faith!!

Source: NHK: Ishihara PD:
Translated by:
Shared by: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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