Wednesday, November 25, 2009

[TRANS] 091123 Kouhaku 2009: TVXQ IS IN! Bigbang Not.

[INFO] 091123 Mezamashi TV News:

Kohaku Selected Artists for 2009: TVXQ IS IN!

(Do you spot Big Bang's name on the screen?)

TVXQ is in, Big Bang not chosen

Around 03:02, they announce the name of TVXQ (東方神起) as a chosen performer of Kohaku 2009,
but interestingly, Mezamashi TV had already placed a flower on TVXQ's name.
So, they must have known about TVXQ's appearance at Kohaku 2009 already. ^^

Big Bang had mentioned many times in their interviews in Japan that
their wish in Japan is to perform at Kohaku this year.
However, they did not make it.
(In clip, we can spot Big Bang's name on the list,
and they had a special "watch" mark in front of their name.)

Everyone knows that Big Bang's members are talented performers.
(And we wish for them to make it next year, along with TVXQ, right? ^^)
It's just that being selected to perform at Kohaku is something very special in Japan.
Like Jero who made it to Kohaku for the first time with TVXQ last year;
he openly shared his dream in life to perform at Kohaku and he cried there.

Jero on Wikipedia:

So, for the Japanese TV stations and the newspaper companies to predict TVXQ's Kohaku
appearance undoubtedly is indeed an amazing news itself. ^^

Let us look forward to TVXQ's performances to come one after another in Japan
starting this coming Wednesday! Yeah!! ^^
Below is the program TVXQ will attend on Wedensday.


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