Thursday, November 26, 2009

[TRANS] 091126: Miyaneya Interview HQ 2:56 minutes version.

Only TVXQ interview part is being translated. ^^
The only addtion to the other two are the ending part in blue below.

Japanese Sub: Best Hit Kayosai 2009.
Tonight at 7 PM. Live! From Kobe world memorial hall.

Miyaneya: Well, we will see how it is at the Kobe world. Wents and Miki~~
Wents: Yes
Miyaneya: Sorry I could not be there.
Wents: Really, you should vow me on the floor (for not coming). ( A Joke)
Miki: LOL: Yes, please come~

No translation here..... MC's teasing each other.

00:43: MC Miki: While preparations are being done one after another, TVXQ came here for us.
TVXQ: Hello, we are TVXQ.
YC: Hello~
Miyane: Long time no see.
YH: Yes, I remember you.
Miiyane: Are you in Japan for the first time from this summer?
YH: Well we are actually this year...well actually, this stage is where we had our first tour in Japan.
Everyone: Oh~~~~.
Wents: So, it is a memorable place.
Miynane: Oh that kind of place it is for you.
(T/N: Meaning, TVXQ's first tour was held at this hall. So, it is a memorable place for TVXQ.)
Wents: We asked TVXQ to come out during the hectic and busy rehearsal time,
so please ask more questions to them.
All: LOL.
Miyane: Today. What kind of stage does TVXQ plan to deliver ans show us?
Wents: What kind of stage, today?
YH: Well, first of all, we will do our best!
All: LOL
Miyane: Oh, humble answser.
Wents: And you know what, Mr. Miyane?
Miyane: Yes.
Wents: This stage where we are standing right now.
It is surrounded by the audiences seat for 360 degree.
Miki: Yes, it is really big.....
Miki: TVXQ and others all together there will be 20 wonderful artist had gathered at Kobe.

No translation....Info about other artists here....

Miyane: Then at the end, Yunho what do you think of the 360 degree stage there?
YH: It is wonderful. The lighting is beautiful too. I would like to stand on the stage and perform right away.
Miyane: I got it.

MC and Miyane saying good bye here.....

4:26 minutes full version YT:

This one is 4:26 minutes.
I guess TVXQ was standing the whole time for Miyane to finish talking.
They are so polite always. They have to change for the show and all, you know.
But then I like their smiles here. ^^
And at around 04:06, Wents said "TVXQ has to hurry and get going."
Miyane seems to have decided to go to Kobe from Osaka which takes around one hour. ^^

If you have not read it yet,
please make sure to find Bigeastation 139 translation posted here at OneTVXQ! ^^

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: Miyaneya TV+mixia15+YURIandKEN
Translated by:
Shared by: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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