Sunday, December 13, 2009

[TRANS] 091212 JaeChun's Birthday Wish for Junsu - Smile Again


在以前 啊 不是以前 是不久前
Last time, ah, not last time, not too long ago,
我实在很累 就打电话说:俊秀啊,我快做不下去了。
I was feeling very tired, so I called and said: Junsu-ah, I can't do this anymore.
那时俊秀说:有天呐,如果你做不下去 那我也不行
At that moment, Junsu said: Yoochun-ah, if you can't do this anymore, then I won't be able to hold on either.
Because of these words, because he said we'll go through this together, that's why I'm still here.
I wanted to tell him, Happy Birthday.


I went to Japan with Yoochun to release a single without taking Junsu along,
我认识的俊秀 一直都是 每个瞬间都很乐观地练习和活动
The Junsu I know is always optimistic when practising or going through with all the activities.
哈 真是让我得到很多力量的朋友 精神上
Ha... He's really a friend who gave me a lot power, spiritually.
这位朋友 其实在我们3个里面是领袖 精神领袖
This friend, is actually the leader among the 3 of us, the spiritual leader.
哈哈 队员感到累的时候 在精神上给很多帮助
Haha... whenever the members feel tired, he gives us a lot of comfort/help spiritually.
I want to say to Xiah Junsu, Thank you!

credit:Baidu + tohoshiya @dbsg lj
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