Sunday, December 13, 2009

[TRANS] JaeChunSu Smile Again Fanmeeting Interview

Question: What color underwear are you wearing today?

MC: It's is nice. What color underwear are you wearing today? Junsu.
YC: Isn't Junsu not wearing any today?
JS: From what I remember, it's gray and a little green, where the elastic band is.
MC: You must like modern things. Edgy and modern.
Fans: Show us x 10000000000000000
MC: You have your belt on and it's an endorsement so you can't take it of.
MC: Then, what is Jaejoong wearing?
JJ: Mine is a bit lilac? Around the elastic band..
MC: The elastic band is lilac? Or is it all lilac?
JJ: The band is black and everything else is lilc.
MC: The two of you like edgy clothes. And a bit modern.
MC: And last of all, Yoochun.

YC: Mine's very simple. Tights and all black.
MC: Oh~ You like kinda sexy things?
YC: Jaejoong's the one who likes sexy things.
JS: You know how like you take them off like this when you get home.
JS: There are times when I get so surprised.
JS: Where did he get such scandalous things?
YC: This was way back. These days, Jaejoong wears modern ones but before, Junsu had some pretty epic..
MC: We don't know much about guy's underwear so what kind of epic underwear did he wear?
YC: (Cunningly, overreacting as if he's hiding something) No~ It's nothing~
MC: You have to solve our query.
JJ: Once I went to this town and I forgot to pack some underwear for the trip.
JJ: I went to an underwear store there to buy some and (sighing as if it is hard for him to say) Und... ha... There was a red heart on it, and other than the heart, everything else was like fishnet. And it was panties (not boxers).
But you know how you wear underwear for like a year? One year, two years?
Fans: Psh~
JJ: I wear them that long.
MC: For one to two years?
JJ: Without fail.
YC: Oh, just one?
JJ: No. I have a lot.
JS: Changing them regularly. (omitted) Oh, we've just talked about underwear for 10 minutes

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Comments:..I've just got red in the face ..XD..when they talk about ''how you get take them off'....LOL O///O


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