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[TRANS] 091217 Mnet Secret - "The Miracle of Tohoshinki", Born to sing!

[TRANS] 091217 Mnet Secret - "The Miracle of Tohoshinki"

T/N: Mnet Secret Series is a Japanese mobile series written by Japanese Mnet staffs on various things that happen in the K-pop scene. "The Miracle of Tohoshinki" is a weekly reports dedicated to TVXQ in both Korea & Japan, and it is updated on every Wednesday.

Born to sing! Junsu, Happy Birthday!

I wonder how Junsu spent his birthday on the 15th?

I think that he hasn't had enough time to rest lately, but to be able to spend his birthday with his loved ones by his side, I'm sure he must have felt very happy.
(Junsu's registered birthday is 1/1, but his real birthday is on 12/15)

Speaking of Junsu, he is someone with a bright personality that has crowned him the moodmaker of the group. Yoochun once said, "There is no one that can hate Junsu," and he is greatly loved by everyone.

Moreover, I believe that anyone would recognize his singing and dancing skill! There is no doubt that his vocal is excellent, but the more important thing is that his singing can really touch the hearts of people who listen.

There are a lot of songs Junsu sings that remain in my memory. One of them is "Beautiful you" which he sang during this year's tour.

Since he hurt himself, Junsu must have felt that he caused a lot of troubles to other members and fans. However, he must have also thought that, "At least I still can sing," and that's the feelings that he put in "Beautiful you"

Junsu's last note really gave me goosebumps, and that is something that I always remember.

Moreover, we cannot forget the endless times he sings "Asu wa Kara", "Forever Love", etc.

When he sings other artists' songs at concerts, Junsu's expression when he sings always put me in awe. He always sings others' songs as if it is his, and that is the way he always sings.

When he appeared on the program together with Korean great figure Patty Kim and sang her songs, he received a lot of praises from her. It must have been because he always puts so much emotion into the song as if it is his own song.

And we of course cannot forget songs such as "Lion Heart", "Kotoba ni Dekinai", "Chae Nyum", "Memory", "Greatest Love of All", etc.

I'm sure that a lot of people are also touched and healed just by listening to Junsu's voice with emotions that flow from his heart.

People often give Junsu's expression the name "Born to sing". I truly believe that Junsu was born so that he could sing and could touch many people's hearts with his singing.

Junsu now has a new challenge, which is his musical! We are all wishing for its success!

Saengil Chukha, Junsu-yah! [Happy Birthday, Junsu - this was written in Korean]

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