Sunday, December 13, 2009

[TRANS] JaeChunSu Smile Again Fanmeet Ending Talk

YC: I had a lot of fun today.
YC: It was so nice to see you all.
YC: In the fourth album there was Don't Say Goodbye, right?
YC: You know the video the fans all over the world made with that song? We saw it.
YC: -something here I can't hear because of fans going 'awwwww'-
YC: We're taking some time off to sort through everything slowly,
YC: while listening to all the little things you all have to say,
YC: so we thank you so much for helping us this far
YC: and we will work hard to be better. Thank you.

JJ: Yes uh, we thank you all so much because a lot of people helped us out today.
JJ: And I also do feel sorry for having to end our time together today like this.
JJ: I think that today was a very meaningful day for all of you and for us as well.
JJ: And for a long time, I want to set up meetings with all of you
JJ: to talk about the things we haven't been able to talk about yet.
JJ: -something here, it's a little fuzzy-
JJ: So in the future I hope there are good times, bad times and great times ahead of us.
JJ: So let's keep loving each other and go on like this. Thank you.

JS: First of all, I feel great knowing that we had a nice time here.
JS: I'm happy that we could even give a little help to _____ (can't hear)
JS: And I want to have my birthday party with you all.
JS: I think today was very meaningful to us.

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