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[TRANS] 091212 Three Members At Fan Meeting State, "We Hope This Storm Passes Quickly"

The three members of TVXQ (Xiah Junsu, YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun) locked in a legal dispute with SM Entertainment held a charitable fanmeet and met with their fans.

The three presented themselves at 5 pm on the 12th the Seoul Koreyo University Hwajung Gymnasium at the 'Smile Again' love sharing event.

According to a representative, the event that was held for an hour had a 'Q&A Corner' where the three answered fans' questions, 'Tell Me Your Wish' corner where the three granted fans' wishes, and a corner where Micky Yoochun sang a song he composed.

Many say that the three were bright and cheerful regardless of the legal dispute.

YoungWoong Jaejoong said, "We've changed but our fans have stayed the same. I like that," and showed how thankful they were to the fans and how bad he felt about the group's current situation.

Xiah Junsu said, "This is more meaningful as it is the first time we're doing this just the three of us."

The two other members prepared a surprise birthday party for Xiah Junsu for his birthday, and showed their brotherly love and affection. As a toast for his birthday, Xiah Junsu said, "I hope that this storm will pass quickly," and showed that he wanted this lawsuit to end quickly.

Micky Yoochun revealed that he was studying composing and sang one of his compositions and gained great reactions from his fans.

Regardless of the cold weather, thousands of Korean and Japanese fans stood in line to enter two hours before the event. Some fans were seen standing near the entrance without tickets and looked quite disheartening.

Some fans who were not able to enter sat outside and supported the three and showed their love for the three.

The event that was held for free was sold out 8 minutes after ticket reservations were open at 8 pm on the 8th. All the donations collected on this day will be given to a children's organization.

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