Saturday, December 19, 2009

[Trans] 091219 Jaejoong phoned in at Love Faith ,born to be TVXQ Event Fanaccount

During the phine-in to Sook Jin Unnie (Jaejoong’s 4th sister) I never thought I’d hear Jaejoong’s voice on the phone XDDDDDDD

Many Thai Cassie must have seen from the schedule that Sook Jin Unnie would record Jaejoong’s voice for us but it’s not! It’s real Jaejoongon the phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was holding hand with my sister thinking “are we dreaming or what”

It’s not the record. It’s the real Jaejoong LIVE on the phone for Thai Cassies

I wanna die and reborn and die for many many times. I was out of my mind while he’s on the phone.

I can only remember a few conversation

The translator “Thai Cassie will take the whole plane and fly to Korea (to fight against SM? – - this part i am not sure) for Jaejoong”

and Jaejoong said “OK I got it”

At one part we all yelled out “Jaejoong Oppa Saranghaeyo” for at least 3 times.

The translator asked Jaejoong “Do you love us”
Jaejoong said “YES”

[T/N she gave more cute comments of Jaejoong's voice on the phone like it's different than how we hear him via the microphone cuz it's a phone and the speaker that makes him sound a bit different]

After that many Cassie started to cry because of the happiness

They tried to call Yoochun’s mom but she’s not at the shop and also Junsu’s dad.


source: ^^Lovin_you_TVXQ^^@siamzone
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