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[FACC] 091107 I Went To The "TOHOSHINKI THE LIVE 2009"!

I went to the TOHOSHINKI THE LIVE 2009 on Nov 6!
My theater was TOHO CINEMAS Kawasaki.

First of all, of course I had to check on the goods.

They are really doing good jobs here, selling magazines, CDs; and DVDs. Looking at the cover of the magazines, you could catch the whole of TVXQ's History in Japan!

There weren't posters of the event anywhere, we just went to SCREEN 7 and there was a small picture of Tohoshinki

The SCREEN 7 where the movie was shown holds up to 240 people, a middle sized screen for the TOHO CINEMAS KAWASAKI.

My seat was on the right side. If it was a concert, that would have had been truly lovely, oh, I'm a great fan of Yunho! Changmin is also my favorite

For the contents of the movie, please refer to linh-chan's wonderful report:

The first part of the movie was of course some parts of the TOKYO DOME LIVE. I went to the DOME FINAL on July 5th and was part of the red & blue ocean on the day. I was very much excited, I know that I'll treasure the memories all my life. (Oh, here, I can hear "LUCKY smiley!" calls )

But looking afterwards in a movie with very good quality images and clear audio sounds in a theater was another special experience that I will never forget.

For your information, the image is just the same as the DOME DVD.

Looking at the 5 members on a big screen you can feel their power, liveliness, and wonderful dancing! Kya~~~~~~~~~ they are so cool! I wish I can express my feelings more, but sorry, my english vocabulary is very limited

Looking at the Dome Movie, I was especially impressed with Junsu. His singing, dance, and well all his performances were sooooooo wonderful, they are beyond words. Oh, I miss charismatic Junsu very much...

The second part of the movie was of fans' selected favorite PVs. I was happy to see Purple Line, MIROTIC, and Survivor, which I've personally requested.

The most exciting part was the third part. It was the total performance of a-nation Tokyo (Aug 23). I was at the a-nation in AJINOMOTO STADIUM on that date and a part of the purple ocean (here it comes again, "SUPER LUCKY Smiley" calls from our friends ), but my seat was in the very rear. There seemed to be an approximate 150-170m distance from my seat to the stage (AJINOMOTO STADIUM is a soccor stadium).

On that date, even though I was using binoculars, the 5 members seemed to be little dots far away.

But in the movie you can see them in such a close up! They were laughing, playing, dancing and of course there was always the lovely harmony. During the song "Doushite~", the members close-up images were taken. Junsu was singing and moving his lips even when it was not his part, Yoochun was forever smiling, JaeJoong is only a super beauty with lovely eyes, Changmin was sweating as always and Yunho was earnest looking~~ Kya~~~~ cannot expressed in words.

Since only two songs have been officially broadcasted, I thought I truly wanted the DVD of their full a-nation performance.

Last was the wonderful endroll song “Tokiwo Tomete”. Please refer to

After seeing the movie, I truly thought that the 5 should perform together. Tohoshinki is perfect and complete by the 5 members! Oh, I miss seeing them together very much, I know everyone misses them.

Afterwards, my friend and I went to the CD shop (HMV) in the same building as the theater, and of course there was a special corner selling Tohoshiki goods.

It was a truly exciting day!

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