Wednesday, November 4, 2009

[VID] 091101: YunJae Train Trip: For YunJae Fans: ^^


JJ sub: From now~~.
JJ sub: With YH~~~Two of us~~~.
JJ sub: Going on a trip.
YC sub: Oh Really?
CM sub: I envy you.
YH sub: Yes.

YH: We got on Shinansen (Speed Bullet Train) previously.
JJ: Yes.
YH: We rode on many kinds of transportations.
JJ: Yes.
YH: I have not used Sinkansen in the past much.
JJ: It has been a long time, it is more fun to be two of us than three.
YH: It is really cold now.
JJ: Cold~~~.
YH: But then our passions are hot! Kukuku~~~
JJ: Yes! We are in fire!!
YH: Yes~~!

YH: We ate lunch box in the Shinkansen. That is the happiest time.
At that time, I feel. Oh, I have time to myself.
YH: See you later! (I am going now).

JJ: Airplane after you ride on it, it becomes, Pyuu~~~
(T/N: I think he means that it makes his body fly back. ^^).
But here is comfortable.
JJ: You three in Fukuoka, are you watching us?
You gotta do a good job. Work well! You've gotta do a good job promoting.
We two have no problem at all.
YH: Yes. We are...
JJ: We are perfect without any problems at all.
JJ: We are nice members so.....
YH & JJ: Problem free (Mondai ("=problem") Naisu ("=Free": pronounced "Nice")

Sub: Since we are nice members we were problem free (Naisu).
Sub: Let's go home, go home. ^^

Always Keep The Faith!!

Souce: Max Matsuura+Lotte DFS+rach0126
Translated by:
Shared by: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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