Sunday, November 1, 2009

[NEWS] 091101 Lyn's love confession to Xiah Junsu

In Singer Lyn's new song, of her new musical production, '누나의노래' (noona's song) she confesses her love to popular idols Xiah Junsu and Taeyang.......
Also using TVXQ's mirotic's lyrics she expressed:

어디서 무얼 하다 이제 내게 왔니 준수야
odiseo muor hada ije naege watni Junsu yah
Where did you come to me now junsu yah (I'm not really sure about this sentence)

이미 수식어 Red ocean 조금 다쳐도 난 괜찮아
imi sushigo Red ocean jogeum dachyodo nan gwaenchana
It’s now meant by the Red Ocean, even if you’re hurt a bit, it’s okay

I only translated the parts were they mentioned Junsu and what I thought it was important, the rest of the article talks about the feeling of being a noona fan
you can hear to Lyn's love confession here @01:34

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