Tuesday, November 3, 2009

[TRANS] 091103 Andy ‘hopes to stand on the same stage as DBSK’

Andy, member of popular group Shinhwa, has expressed his frustration about the predicament of DBSK, as well as his affection for his juniors.

Currently promoting his 2nd solo album, Andy said in an interview with Asia Economy, “I can understand a little about the pain that they are experiencing right now. As a peer I feel frustrated for them. I hope they can settle the problem amicably without anyone getting hurt.”

With regards to the DBSK members who initiated legal proceedings against their management company SM Entertainment, Andy offered his opinion. “I can’t say who’s right and who’s wrong. Of course I hope it works out fine but it’s difficult to say. Any singer, no matter who it is, would want to stand on stage. Do not ever lose track of your own beliefs and your own will. I hope you will remember that the fans are more important than anything else.”

He recalled, “Back then when the (Shinhwa) members were all together and we was DBSK, we also thought, ‘Wow those guys are cool… Scary’ because we felt that their performance and songs were really powerful, so much so that it scared us. I never imagined that the situation would become like this, and I’m really shocked and anxious for them.”

When asked about the reason behind how the Shinhwa members could come this far with no discord, despite going about their solo activities, Andy had this to say. “Rather than to say it’s ambition, we’re just working hard and pushing one another on. We’re all people with ambition, but we don’t think of wanting to standing out and becoming like anyone. Though we have to find our own colors but we still think ‘if not for Shinhwa we wouldn’t have reached here’, so we don’t argue because of our own selfishness and lose something big over something small.”

Wrapping the interview, Andy said, “When we stand on stage as Shinhwa again, I hope we can stand on the same stage as DBSK. Although I don’t know if we’ll be compared but since we’re very competitive, nothing is impossible if we’re more alert and prepare better. We won’t feel embarrassed and we will let everyone see a great performance. I hope to see DBSK together again.”

DBSK members U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin have released statements via SM Entertainment, declaring their trust in SM and that they will stay on in the company. They also called for the other members to make their decisions by 12 Nov with regards to continuing group activities next Spring in Korea.

Xiah Junsu, Hero Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun have also stated that they wished to continue on with the other 2 members, and that their intention to continue as DBSK has never changed.

Source: Asia Economy
Translation: 수미 (sumi) @ Absolut Shinhwa
Credits: Absolut Shinhwa @ Wordpress
Shared by: 6rystalis @ LJ + OneTVXQ.com


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