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[INFO] 091101 The Birth of The Brazilian DBSK Fanclub!!

Brazilian Fanclub:

Translation from the Page 46 in the "Neo Tokyo" Brazilian Magazine.

More photos of TVXQ (7 pages) in the, "Neo Tokyo" Brazillian Magazine. Click Below.

T/N: This article contains the entire history of TVXQ .
(More about the Japanese songs since it is an anime magazine.)
And a part that talk about a Brazilian fan-club.
And here is the part that talk about a Brazilian fan-club.

091101: The Birth of The Brazilian DBSK Fanclub.

From a walk and a good talk came the idea of a fanclub,
for a dream to prove that here in Brazil,
there are a lot of fans spread out in every corner of the country.
Who came up with this idea?
Tamara. The talk happened with her friend, Maria Helena.

On the 5th of May 2008, with the help of Paolla (her other friend),
they made what is today Solstice: DBSKabeiras.
The graphic details of the forum made by Maria didn't help the popularization,
but after some months, the idea of having an official fanclub just increased.

With the help of faithful fans, the layout by Maria, and a lot of willpower, we made Solstice.
From an idea, we had our way, to the future officialization of the Brazilian fanclub: Solstice.

For the melody to the lyrics have a world, a universe, another form of living!
It's like in a solstice, with all the colors, with all the expectative,
to the moment when you can see that natural phenomenon;
a true magic of summer and winter
This is Dong Bang Shin Ki. This is Solstice.

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: "Neo Tokyo" Brazilian Magazine + Bruhlovemicky @ Crazy Love TVXQ + sharingyoochun @ Wordpress
Translation: deevinne @
Special thanks: diana© and honeyiceblend/nings @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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