Wednesday, November 4, 2009

[TRANS] 091104 Heavens Postman's Screen Writer, Asking JJ Fans to Vote for The Showing in Japan!

"I WILL NEGOTIATE!" Promises The Screen Writer, Eriko Kitagawa!!

Thank you those of you who gave comments to an article I wrote about TVXQ's Jaejoong.

Yes! That is Right!!

I can request to the official person to begin showing Jeajoong's Heavens Postman in Japan.

If you want it be held in Japan give your comments to me here at my blog.

The comment is fine to be short,
but the numbers of the people who send comments are important!

I will collect the comments sent from all of your comments kind of like the signatures.
I do not mind if it is a name in the Internet.
I will negotiate with the right person then.

There are so many fans out there, I will tell them,
"there are so many people who wants to watch 'Heaven's postman'!"

Please make your voice to be heard and post this news to your friend Jaejoong fans too!
At this point of time, I do not mind even if they are not my fan.

Well...Jaejoong is such a special good/nice guy to make me want to do my best for him. laugh.gif

Han Hyoju is cute too.
The director of this film, Lee Hyunmin did the best too!
(Same person who filmed the "Snow Queen".)
And I love this work, "Heaven's Postman", very much too.

Showing in Japan!
By all means!!
I ask for your precious one vote!

I do not arrange the time limit.
Until I say, in this column that the voting is over, I accept your vote!!

Eriko Kitagawa

Always Keep The Faith!!

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