Thursday, November 5, 2009

[TRANS] 091101: YT: Music Lovers Unseen Cut:


Sekine: At the Grammy show, Michel Jackson gave a speech.
He placed his face very near to the micro phone.
And Yuchun is good with English. OK, Grammy show.
YC: Yes. I am Micheal.
MC: If there is Micheal, there must be Bruce Lee.
YH: At the count of threes, I become Bruce Lee.
MC: At number three, you become Bruce Lee.
Sekine: Yes.
(T/N: Sekine look some what proud, even though that is not his gag. lol Does he feel like their dad? biggrin.gif )
YH: 1,2, Acha~~~!!
(T/N: So when Junsu does gag, YH acts like what JS did here, and when YH does gag, JS does that pose? ^^)

Always Keep The Faith!

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