Monday, December 21, 2009

[INFO] 091220 Tohoshinki Sent Flowers to The Gospellers' Concert

As you all know, The Gospellers are Tohoshinki's respected singers in the Japan. The boys had collaborations with The Gospellers and covered their song "Towani" many times.

On December 19th and 20th, The Gospellers have their final performances at Yoyogi National Gymnasium, Tokyo as a part of their 15th Anniversary Tour. Although Tohoshinki was not at the concert, they sent a bouquet of flowers to The Gospellers on the 19th to congratulate them on their 15th Anniversary. I was at the concert that day and I didn't see the flowers, how smart of me ;_;

To The Gospellers
From Tohoshinki

Speaking of The Gospellers, I think their road to success is just as hard as Tohoshinki's. At the concert, they said that when they debuted 15 years ago, only 30 people went to see them and they were all their friends. It took them 7 years to have a concert at Budoukan, and this is their first time having a concert at a venue that holds more than 10,000 people. At the end of the concert, they said, "To be able to be cheered from 10,000 audiences, we're glad that we've never given up on singing." No wonder the boys respect them so much, because they all share the same passion for music and never gave up on their dreams (:

I think most Tohoshinki's fans know of The Gospellers from Tohoshinki, but I am the other way around XD, and I'm very glad to see how good their relationship is (: Now please enjoy the great harmonization of The Gospellers and Tohoshinki ;D

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