Friday, December 25, 2009

[NEWS] 091224 Japanese Fans to Raise a Whopping Five Million Yen for Newspaper Ad

TVXQ/DBSK supporters in the motherland and overseas have been riveted by the SME lawsuit for the past few months, and it looks like a certain group of international fans is really stepping up their game.

Five Balloons, a group of Japanese TVXQ supporters, recently created the TVXQ Smile Project, in which members donated money to put an advertisement in a daily Korean newspaper. Its monetary goal for Christmas? A whopping five million yen, which is approximately 64,400,000 won, $54,700 USD, or the price of a pretty nice sports car. [ omitted ]

The ad is expected to include the words 'TVXQ Smile Project,' a message about TVXQ's entity as a group only complete with five members, and a promise to forever love TVXQ and wait for them to sincerely smile.

As of yesterday, over four hundred participants collectively donated 1,764,000 yen (approx 22,700,000 won or $19,400 USD). Since this doesn't meet the initial December 25 goal, the members plan to extend the period of donation collections and purchase the ad in mid-January.

[ omitted ]

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