Thursday, December 24, 2009

[TRANS] 091224 Sekine Tsutomu Mimicked Junsu at "Waratte iitomo! Tokudaigou"

Everyone, did you watch "Waratte iitomo!! Tokudaigou"!?! (T/N: on-aired on December 23)

Our Tohoshinki was the last artist to perform TTTT

…to give you the correct information, it was Junsu Sekine who appeared at the end (Lol)

But I think this is great news!

The (impostor) Junsu appeared at the famous special program,
on the very last, and danced "Summer Dreams".
And he made the audience lively with his "Oyaji-gags"!

I watch "Iitomo Tokudaigou" every year,
And Sekine-san is always the last to perform.

Every year his mimicry is …
So I was not watching with care.

Before Sekine-san performed, Tohoshinki was introduced!!!! (With panels!)


And, Junsu Sekine appeared with 4 dolls, which doesn’t look like Tohoshinki in any way.


This should be a place where you laugh,
but I was almost in tears.

Why was I almost in tears?
I may have felt Sekine-san’s kindness in selecting Tohoshinki for the mimicry.

Or, was it the fact that I saw the audience becoming lively even though it was not the real Tohoshinki?
I don’t know myself.

I have never thought that I will be in tears hearing
"Oshiri penpen, ball pen!!" (Lol)
(T/N: Junsu’s famous oyaji-gag.)

Judging from a equal point of view,
the audience was really livelier!!
Tamori-san (T/N: the famous MC for "Waratte iitomo") was laughing his head off during the "Ball pen" and "Aoyama".
I was so surprised, since I am very familiar with the original Junsu’s version.

Selecting Tohoshinki for the mimicry (he said himself as Zunsu!)
It may have been a challenge from the point of well-known jokes,
but Sekine went ahead and did it.

I felt Sekine-san’s yells to the fans,
I was really impressed and warm hearted after looking at the program.

T/N: Tsutomu Sekine is a famous Japanese comedian, and he is also a great supporter of Tohoshinki. Please watch Sekine’s mimicry of Junsu here. (This is another program. Yesterday’s program is already put off from the request of Fuji TV.)

Credits: tokutokuhada

Source: Yuka’s Blog & tokutokuhada @ youtube
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!


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