Thursday, December 24, 2009

[TRANS] 091223 Cassiopeia Got Angry Towards Tonight Korea SBS ‘News Track’

They are not Hallyu stars!”

The term ‘Hallyu stars’ refers to celebrities who are already popular in Korea, yet they go to other countries (including Japan) and hold a short-term event in the destination country to get more income and fans.

And they (TVXQ) are not Hallyu stars!
They are local stars! (T/N: from word ‘localization’)

What does mean by local star is… the artists must go along with Japanese method/system, make debut as rookies in J-POP and do entertainment activities according to system that is ruled for rookie in the local industry. Regardless the treatment they have for their star status in their home country, these artists have to work hard and make all great efforts as rookie.

The term ‘Hallyu stars’ have also been recognized in Japanese entertainment industry, therefore for a program from such big TV channel, the program officials should have been more careful and look for more understanding on the differences between localization and Hallyu.

These protests and opinions from Cassiopeia were revealed through a preliminary survey before the broadcast, however since the broadcast time is approaching thus program officials couldn’t modify the program’s content in sudden, SBS offered to write apology sentences for having mistaken in describing TVXQ as Hallyu stars on their homepage and will also display news ticker about the protest directly during the broadcasts.

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SBS ‘News Track’ will be airing today on December 23rd, at 11 pm.

Source: Korea News + chara
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