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[FANACC] 100131 2010 Wish Flowerage Yoonho 25th Birthday

[FANACC] 100131 2010 Wish Flowerage Yoonho 25th Birthday

On January 31st, at 2:06PM, Yunho’s 25th birthday part began. Me and Yoxin arrived around 1:00PM. After we got off the public transit, we still couldn’t find the school entrance. It was until we saw on a big poster of Yunho’s face that was right a cross the street= = We rushed over, and took a bunch of pictures.
When we went in, they were showing clips of an interview with Yunho’s teacher on the big screen. Because there were still a lot of people rushing in, the event really started at 2:10. Because my Korean is still at a beginner’s level, I couldn’t understand a lot= = I will work on this……

At first, Yunho’s 3 friends were introduced along with his brother and parents. One of the friends was the one Yunho had introduced in a show. Then they brought out a birthday cake, and everyone there sang happy birthday. The host especially asked for everyone to sing “Dear yoonho oppa” together.

Then they asked a couple of questions, most of it is about some interesting things that happened to Yunho. (PS: forgive my poor Korean and memory)

Yunho’s friends revealed that Yunho loves watching movies, so the host asked what kind of movie does Yunho like to watch, his friends says…… There weren’t many movies Yunho finished watching. Because Yunho would fall asleep watching them. Everyone at the event laughed. The friend started imitating how Yunho falls asleep, with a hand under his chin for support, then head drooping slowly, then pretends like nothing happened and sits up, while looking around, then the process begins all over again…… haha

2) 85club
They talked about how 85club was formed, after that about what they would do, and where they would go to have fun.

3) Heading to the Ground kissing scenes
One of the friends said, they didn’t even have to call Yunho to ask him how is the filming going, because almost every day around 10:00-11:00, around the time when the broadcast ends, they would receive a call from Yunho, asking if they watched today’s broadcast and such, as if asking for their opinion. Yunho’s friends said he really worked hard to film this drama. Abought the kiss scene, I couldn’t understand, his 2 friends talk so fast TT

4) Coffee house
Yunho’s friend said Yunho really likes to go to coffeehouses, sometimes they would go after watching a movie= = So the host asked what Yunho would usually order. His friend said Yunho would usually eat ice and chocolate= =and some kind of dessert, sorry I couldn’t hear clearly.

5) When the first part of the event was half way through, one of Yunho’s friends asked if he should call Yunho. After a bunch of fan screams, the friend took out his cellphone and called Yunho. When Yunho answered, fans began screaming again. Yunho said he is in japan right now. After thanking everyone, all the fans sang happy birthday to him, including “dear yoonho oppa.” Yunho laughed his trademark, and everyone at the event laughed with him. The host then asked a couple of questions, but my Korean isn’t that good= = and I couldn’t hear very well, with the phone held up to the microphone.

Because Yunho said he is still in Japan, and seemed like he still had activities waiting for him, so he didn’t stay on the phone for too long, about 5-10 minutes. Because of everyone’s request, he sang to us. When his friends asked him to sing a few lines, he sounded like he was thinking, so everyone heard a long “Um~~~~~”, then his friend thought he was ready, so started counting : 1, 2, … he wasn’t even finished when we heard worried scream from the other end: chaganma chaganma (wait, wait) ~~ haha, we almost laughed to death. In the end he sang a few lines, it sounds familiar, but I couldn’t tell which song…… At the end of the phone call, he thanked everyone again, saying he will continue working hard. His friend lied to him that there were 30,000 fans at this event, he said it about 3 times= = Yunho laughed, the fans at the event screamed loudly to give the affect of 30,000 fans present, everyone was in a good mood.

When the first part ended, his 3 friends and family left, then there were 5 minute break, and 2nd part began, Welcome to the yoonho’s world. The big screen was brought down, and the video began playing.

The video is really well done. There were many parts to it. First is some funny clips of Yunho in Heading to the Ground, the part where he couldn’t communicate in English, and the scene where he was so excited on the bus that he kicked the seat in front of him. 2nd part is natural beauty, airport videos from a long time ago until now. Can’t remember the order of what happened…… then it was so hot, it was very sexy……. everyone screamed. there’s a so cute part, dancing part, yoonhoVS UKNOW, and O, Purple Line, Mirotic, Hey! a couple of these songs combined together…… everything was done super well. There were times where it showed clips of them ing together…… the atmosphere was gerat. The video was very long, every part was amazing. I regret not recording it.
Oh yes, there were a couple of clips of from their concerts in China, where Yunho screamed in Chinese, everyone laughed. The korean fan next to me asked: Chinese right? haha.

In the end there was Checkmate…… everyone was scream…… my poor ear drums= = there was aslo a very touching clip, watching the the five of them walking the hard road to get to where they are today……. I almost cried.

The third part is also video clip, the main point of it was Heading to the Ground. They were interviews of the co-stars, 2 of them even send in a video clip wishing Yunho happy birhtday.

In the end

Dad had a long letter. I forgot but Don’t Cry My Lover or Don’t Say Goodbye was the background music of a part of the video, there were a lot of touching words……

I could only remember just about this much, there were a lot of fans, all the seats were filled. There were a lot of older fans= = Yunho really has fans of all ages! Last word, Yunho, Happy birhday~~

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