Friday, February 5, 2010

[TRANS] 100206 Eriko Kitagawa’s Blog Update

T/N "ToJaeTen" is a word made by Eriko. It is an abbreviation for Tohoshinki + Jaejoong + Tengoku [heaven]
2010-02-06 03:26:36


Thank you Fumi-san, who gave me your comments.
I would really like to see your works,
the “Heaven’s Postman” poster that you’ve made.

The reason why I am saying “Breaking the rules” is that ,
I suddenly spoke to a person who had made a comment here like a twitter.
I would do this a lot more in the future.
Well, maybe just saying it again. Tomorrow, my mood may change….

(few sentences omitted)

To a ToJaeTen member, did you go to Korea?
Thank you for sending me the brochure (small poster) of Heaven’s Postman.
I have it hung on the wall of my house.
Not my office, but my home.
I have not received it before, so I was very delighted!
I hung the poster under the poster of “Halfway” (T/N: Kitagawa was the director & scriptwriter for this movie.)
Both are skies. Pictures of the skies.

“Heaven’s” subbing is still along the way.
Does the Korean word “ajik” mean “mada”? (T/N: not yet)
I’m sort of learning Korean words. You can, when you make the subs.

Unexpectedly, I’m stuck at the work.
I should do it, I should work on it.

Oh, it is such a late time.
Day-night reversal…

(few sentences omitted)

Source: Eriko Kitagawa’s Blog
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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