Friday, February 5, 2010

[PHOTO + TRANS] TVXQ in Venezuelan Magazine ‘Bravisimo’ Feb’10 Issue

MisaShim (Sender) ’s note

Something big happen in my country (Venezuela) for the cassiopeias ^o^ There is a magazine calling ‘Bravisimo’ and in their new issue (February) they have our boy *O* when we found out we run to buy the magazine is the first time they come up in a magazine in our country ^^ is so incredible ^^

The little article talk about the new single ‘Break Out’ and they make a little summary of they career. They make good the article just they have a little mistake they say from 2004 to 2010 they have 4 years ^^” I think they don’t count well, the rest for the article is well done ^^

credit: MisaShim ( or MisaChangmin in the SYC comment)
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T/N: making use of my native language in order to translate it..pretty funny lol

This group which is starting to be famous in every place the past month released their latest single entitled 'Break Out!' in Japan, which is going to be theme song for the new drama from NHK called ''Tomehane 'Let's jump together' Suzusato High School, Calligraphy Club''

The name of this group can be translated as ''Rising Gods of the East''. These 5 young boys are specialized in dancing, singing a capella and soft rythms, their music goes from pure Kpop style going to even R&B, a little bit of electronic music and ballads with some oriental touches.

Their popularity in Korea is impressing, spreading even to Japan,China, Malaysia and Taiwan and in a 'no official' way their also starting to become popular in America and Europe. Their debut was on 2004 and just 4 years later they are one fo the groups with the most influence in Asia.

T/N Debut year was 2003, December 2003, they have been 6 years together now. Nice article

Translation by: Rukia @ DBSK Kingdom


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