Monday, February 1, 2010

[TRANS/YT] 100129 Tohoshinki on Japan TV News - Overview of the Current Situation

The reportor’s opinion

An overview of the situation up to now: The 3 members’ conflict w/ management, rumours of a rift between members, even of disbandment, etc.
Then, as evidence of things starting to move forward in Japan at least;
1) their united appearance in women’s monthly mag JJ (cover+8 full pages, ca.170,000 copies immediately sold out!) To the magazine’s question “What’s your greatest treasure?” JJ apparently replied “the members”.
2) new single released 1/27
3) Best of album out on 2/17

Re rumoured rift between members; that DBSK’s rehearsals for Kohaku song fest was closed to the public was nothing unusual, but common practice for top acts at the festival. Contrary to rumours, they were even seen all leaving in the same van. Also, at Record Taisho Awards the five were witnessed cheering on and enjoying the show together.
However, the controversy has been causing distress among them, CM has lost a lot of weight and JS was briefly hospitalized in Seoul.

They seem to have finally gotten together recently to dicuss their future, and agreed that DBSK can only exist with the five of them together. As far as Japan is concerned, there is no conflict (the management is different from Korea), and they are even said to be discussing plans for future concerts.
In addition, at a 1/24 fan event celebrating JJ’s bday (he wasn’t there), his parents read out a message on his behalf: “I know you’ve been waiting, but please wait.

…a bit more. We hope we can bring you good news some time soon.”
The report concludes that these words sum up the positive direction things are going for them, and that it looks like DBSK will be coming back!  [END of Translation]

I sure hope so!!! I’m keeping the faith!

Source: xrauren @ YouTube
Translation: yiandtlcw @ YouTube
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