Thursday, February 4, 2010

[TRANS] 100205 Update of “smart” Magazine Editor’s blog

T/N: This is related to linh-chan’s trans here.

Junsu fans, thank you!

To those we are reading my blog, good evening.
I’m Souhei Igarashi, who loves Tohoshinki the best in "smart" magazine’s editorial department,

Since I’ve wrote here that Junsu-san of Tohoshinki will appear in "smart" magazine, April issue, many people have checked this blog!
Thank you very much!

And, for those who have written their comments, thank you, thank you so much!
Your comments are not opened to public, but all the members in the editorial department are reading them, and feel a great support!

(T/N: The answers to some of the questions raised in the hidden comments)
>Yes, I’ve totally become a fan of Junsu-san! He is really a nice guy~☆
>I’m really in love with Junsu-san’s singing voice♪ And he dancing is really cool! His fashion is excellent, too!
>Since “smart” is a magazine for men, we would like to make a different approach compared to that of lady’s magazines.

(few sentences omitted)

The report was made by Souhei Igarashi, who is now always listening to "BREAK OUT!" with my ipod.

Tohoshinki fan’s passion has made a new record for the "smart" editorial department’s blog!

Good evening.
I’m Souhei Igarashi, who can be said to support Tohoshinki the best in the publishing business.

From yesterday, the access number for this "smart" editorial department’s blog is unexpectedly high!
We have achieved a new record for the number of accesses.
And the number is outstanding!
Thank you very much!

This is entirely due to Junsu and Tohoshinki fans’ passions!

And, thank you all for your comments to our department!
We are working on till 4:00am, and we feel supported with all of your comments!

Since so many of you are supporting and cheering for us, we should do our best for Junsu-san’s page, and also for all the other fashion pages, too!

(T/N: The answers to some of the questions raised in the hidden comments)
>So you got to know this blog from a Korean fansite! The doughnut is a valentine special. Junsu-san was eating it with great relish.
>I think that the number of men fans will increase! The reason is, the pictures are so cool! Junsu-san was continuously smiling during the interview. (Lol)
>Junsu-san has the talent to become a top class model!
>Not only Junsu-san but all the other members should be great models! Who will appear next? Please look forward!
>Tohoshinki is really cool, looking from the eyes of a man, too! Our editorial department will do our best so that all the five members can appear together! Please count on us!
>Please hear “BREAK OUT!” when you are tired! I am also hearing the song now, when I want to cheer up.
>Junsu-san is cheerful, kind, handsome, and he really treasures all of his fans. I really respect him!
>I’m also totally "Jun-chanLOVE". (Lol) Since he has appeared in "smart", the number of men fans should increase.
>I’m also fascinated with Junsu-san’s charms. "smart" will continue to support Tohoshinki in the future!
>During the photo shooting, Junsu-san was cheerfully talking as a mood maker, but when he stood in front of the camera, he was totally in a cool model mode. The gap should be one of Junsu-san’s charms♪

(few sentences omitted)

So this is Souhei Igarashi.
Since my face appeared in the Toho-mobile blog, I received an email from a friend that I have not met for more than 10 years, saying “Why did you take pictures with Junsu?”

T/N: It seems that another man fell in love with our Junsu, lol. Igarashi-san, looking forward to Junsu’s article!

Source: smart Editor's Blog
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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