Tuesday, December 29, 2009

[INFO] 091229 DBSK Ranks 27th on 2009 Pop Culture Leading Power 30, (With LSM, JYP, YG, SNSD, BB, 2PM...)

[INFO] 091229 DBSK Ranks 27th on 2009 Pop Culture Leading Power 30

DBSK was in 27th of 2009 pop culture leading power 30. (No activity in Korea in 2009 but still on TOP XD)

Major criteria for the selection includes ▶Cultural and social influence ▶Power to move the public ▶Economic importance and influence in the business of public culture and so on. Even though the activity made throughout this year had a great influence in the selection, we also carefully considered symbolic power, representation, popularity and so on.

The survey was conducted on 64 businessmen, who are working in the related fields of public culture, for a week starting the 9th of December. Method of the survey was for the subject to select 5 comprehensive ‘power-leaders’ that compositely cover all broadcasting, music businesses, singers etc., and to select 2 people representing each category. We applied different weights for their ranks, the ‘comprehensive’ #1 to #5 were each given 5 to 1 points, and each category’s #1 and #2 were recorded as 2 and 1 points each. These points were summed up, and hence the best public culture leaders of 2009 were selected.
*(**) <- last year's ranking, *(-) <- newly arrived

xU : Some that I know XD

2, Yoo Gaesuk
3, JYP
4, Kang Ho Dong
6, Lee Soo Man
7, Lee Byun Hyun
8, Bi Rain
9, Bae Jong Jun
10, Yang Hyun Seok
14, SNSD
18, Big Bang
26, 2PM

Source: heraldbiz
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