Tuesday, December 29, 2009

[TRANS/VID] 091213 Jaejoong's and Junsu's Messages to Taegoon

JJ: Hi. This is THSK's Jaejoong. Congratulations to Taegoon's first concert in Japan. Since I'm on my own, I'm seriously embarrassed... Taegoon and I were friends since we were really young. Really close friends, even now. Finally, Taegoon is able to do a debut concert in Japan, I'm really happy for him. Although I'd love to give him support, honestly, I'm in Korea right now. I'm disappointed that I can't be there, but please give Taegoon a lot of support.

To taegoon, also, take care of yourself and don't get hurt. I'm really sorry I can't be there but I'm waiting for the day Taegoon and I can be there standing together in front of you all. I am working hard for that day to come. Please support me! Taegoon, work hard! :)

JS: To the audience members watching, Hi! This is THSK's Junsu! I heard Taegoon was hosting his first concert in Japan and was very touched. Taegoon and us (THSK) are very close friends. I'm sure Taegoon will show an impressive performance in dance and singing to all of you. Please look forward to and enjoy it! I also am looking forward to meeting all of you! :) Taegoon, work hard! Bye bye!

Source: 29yuna @ YouTube
Translation: candy_swirlz @ YouTube
Shared by: OneTVXQ.com


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