Friday, January 1, 2010

[TRANS] 100101 Lee Sang Yoon's Message on His Fancafe: Skiing with "Heading to the Ground" Staff

The last place I went to was a ski lodge.
This might be the kind of trip that you long for.
As I have been filming for the past three years, I wasn't able to go skiing.
My wish is to ski happily for three weeks.
Because of Yunho,I was able to go today.
Some staff members and I, plus some friends, headed toward the ski area.
Even though we were all wearing skiing attire and goggles, many were still able to recognise Yunho.
Because there were a lot of people, many things happened, but we were still able to ski happily.
Yunho, Ara and some friends were very energetic. This also made me very happy and full of energy.

Good-looking friends ^^

Source: LSY cafe + BaiduAra
Translation: jasminekoh @
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