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[INFO] 091231 TVXQ Members Show Kindness

Back in July we reported that leader Yunho of TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki gave back by donating his time and volunteering at an orphanage in Nam-gu, Gwangju City. He served food and also cleaned the building.

Earlier in the month we reported that Xiah Junsu along with his fan club donated money to a poor village in Cambodia. The village was so thankful for the donation that they even named the village after him.

On December 31st, these two acts of kindness were shown on display on the documentary show Star The Secret.

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Yunho gets about 3 days of vacation in a whole year and he mainly spends the few days off doing volunteer work at an orphanage. Yunho first debuted with TVXQ when he was 17 and even before that he a back-up dancer for Dana (CSJH theGrace). Even with his busy schedule, he never missed a day of school. Also he sometimes had to dye his hair for performances, but on the days he had to go to school, he would always go to a hair salon and make it black again. The person in charge of the orphanage said that Yunho is a big help to the kids. In the video you can see him dancing and playing with them.


They interview many people that live in the Xiah Junsu Village and they express that they're all very thankful to him. They say that he was the one that helped them fix their houses. One of them stated, "My heart had pain because of the falling roofs and for the kids who would get hit by the rain when it leaked through the roof. Now that everything's fixed, I'm really happy."

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