Thursday, December 31, 2009

[INFO] 091230 SM Entertainment Refutes Super Junior Lawsuit Claims + Hangeng Contract Termination Trial Begins Jan 8

SM Entertainment refutes Super Junior lawsuit claims

Super Junior
In reponse to widespread rumors circulating that 5 other Super Junior members besides Hankyung had also filed lawsuits against SM Entertainment for unfair contract terms, the latter has issued a strongly worded statement on 29th December to refute the claims.

In the aftermath of Hankyung filing a lawsuit against SM Entertainment, there were reports afterwards that 5 other Super Junior members, Leeteuk, Yesung, Kangin, Eunhyuk and Donghae had done likewise. It also stated that because of Hankyung's nationality, his case was made public first before the others.

But SM Entertainment has issued a strong rebuttal stating that the news report claiming that 5 Super Junior members had filed lawsuits against them for unfair contracts were fabricated and untrue. And if such fabricated reports are published again in future, SM Entertainment will seek legal action against the publisher and the reporter.

The statement was signed off by SM Entertainment's CEO Kim Young Min and the affected Super Junior members.

Source: AKpop

Hangeng Contract Termination Trial Begins Jan 8

Recently, SJ leader ((TN: They mean SJM, as usual)) Hangeng’s contract termination request with SM Entertainment has caused great turmoil after being disclosed by the media. As Hangeng’s representative lawyer Lee disclosed recently, Hangeng has already turned in a “Suspension of Contract Agreement” request and a “Contract Termination” request to court. The trials will begin January 8th in Korea. To stop SM Entertainment from using delaying tactics, Hangeng has especially requested a “Suspension of Contract Agreement”. If the agreement is approved by court, Hangeng will be freed no earlier than March of next year.

Translated Source: twelfs
Original text: HERE
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