Tuesday, February 9, 2010

[ADMIN POST] Site updates Feb 10

Hi to all our followers and to all our visitors! as you can see the site is being modified a bit at the moment, hope that you like the new layout and that you can still find your way round here ^^

We hope that you like this new layout and are not gonna really miss the previous one (though it was real pretty as well) haha well please we would like to as you guys to be a little patient since it's gonna take a while until everything is set in place once again so you might be seeing things going up and down or left to right for today and tomorrow, it might take two days if we dont do this quickly, but it would be really bad if we would have to put the site offline just cos of this, so dont worry you'll still be getting DBSK news ^^
Thanks for visiting!

-The DBSK kingdom staff


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