Wednesday, February 10, 2010

[TRANS] 100211 Shinjiroh Inoue Blog Update

T/N: This is an update of the article here. For this previous article, there are now more than 480 comments, all thanking Inoue-san for his kind supports to Tohoshinki and for the lovely new song, “With All My Heart ~君が踊る、夏~, which he has written the lyrics, composed, and also arranged

2010-02-10 21:33:15
Thank you

Thank you very much for all of your comments, the numbers are far beyond the comments for a composer’s blog!

I never thought that my article would be a help to anyone, so I thought once again “It was a good thing that I continued writing in my blog.”

I have read all of your comments!

All of your passions have been conveyed to me, and I myself became warm at heart, and also in tears.

Thank you very much!

I will do my best so that I can bring good news to you, so please support me!


Today, I had a meeting for the Lambsey live performance in CLUB CHITTA’ KAWASAKI, scheduled to be held in less than 2 months.

This is a summary of our street live, so the acoustic instruments are a must.

But since we can perform in CITTA, I want to perform closely with the live bands.

Now, it seems that Tohoshinki and Lambsey are inseparable, and many fans came to know Lambsey through Tohoshinki. So we will create a corner for the songs which we have provided to them, and sing the songs by ourselves.

The actual set list will be decided later, and we do not know how it will come out, but I will start moving to get off the ground.

I will inform you of the details when fixed!

Of course, we could not inform you of the set list. (Lol)

This is the final sprint, so I have to do my best!

I need 800 more people…

Source: Shinjiroh Inoue Official Blog
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Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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