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[FANACC] 100107 A Cruise with Junsu and Meeting JaeChun and Yoohwan

So I'll try and get the boring stuff asap. Basically, I got to Circular Quay at 8:40am and there was one other TVXQaus member there (Emily). We chatted for a while and took a walk nearby a hotel because we didn't know where they were staying. We came back and few more people arrived. We waited until 9:30am before actually started out our plan. We basically split up into a few groups and each covered different areas (darling harbour, circular quay, different hotels, townhall, fishmarket, QVB). I was taking the circular quay area with my group (Emily, Sam and I--to start off with) and another group (Let's call them group A) went to check out some nearby hotels.

We set out at 9:40am and we started walking towards the harbour bridge and a person from group A called me, telling me that she sees Junsu at the Rocks and so we literally ran for our lives to the Rocks and then she calls me again, telling me that he is lining up for a cruise. We literally died because we were right next to the lining up place for the cruises when she called us the first time. So we ran all the way back to the lining up place for the cruises and we saw him, surrounded by staff and cameramen/manager, and he was obviously boarding onto the cruise. Group A was kind of standing afar, just waving to him but we didn't even think twice and bought 3 tickets for the cruise. It was a two hour cruise and basically went around the harbour.
Anyway, the three of us got onto the cruise and met another nice girl, a Junsu fan/chinese Cass, and we kind of merged together. We all sat at the bottom deck for the time being because we all kind of ran everywhere and needed to regain our sanity. We sat there for a few minutes telling each other that Junsu was ACTUALLY above us. After calming down, we went upstairs and I nearly gasped because he was JUST to our right eating breakfast (and camera in his face too). We weren't allowed to take pictures or videos for anything at all...but I managed to do some ninja shots for Junsu.

When he was eating "breakfast".

When he came out to the deck to shoot

He was lipsynching too. I thought it was so professional because it seemed like he was singing to music we couldn't hear! But he was just reading music sheets and mouthing the words.

Attempt in ninja shots. XD

Please do not take any of the pictures out without permission. PM me and tell me where you are posting the images.
Anyway, the cruise provided morning tea and he and the staff went inside to eat some of the food they provided. We did not disturb them at all, we just watched from a distance.

So we didn't want to be disturbing or anything (I'm pretty sure we were creepy) so we didn't do much except watch him do his filming. He was modelling and lipsynching. The ship announced that he was on the ship like "a korean celebrity" is on the ship and that he is a singer. He laughed out loud when he realised they were talking about him. They asked him to sing but obviously and unfortunately he didn't sing.

Basically he just ate and filmed some more. He is so charismatic (when having a serious face) in real life. He glowed and he is absolutely beautiful. His presence is mind-boggling. When he was eating morning tea, one of the staff was sitting at the end of the deck so I decided that this was the chance to hand him a wristband (Always Keep the Faith). I asked her if she could hand this to him and she was so nice and said sure! She made sure she got my name and said "From Yunah right?". She was really nice. At some point of the cruise, I think he was at the captain's section of the cruise. I don't know what he was doing, didn't really want to poke our noses in.
Towards the end of the cruise, we went downstairs early figuring that he would either leave first or last. We planned to say "Junsu saranghae" and by golly, was the wait for him to come downstairs the longest time I had to wait. It was so nerve-wracking. Once he was downstairs, we stood clear of his pathway and said that and he burst out in laughter and smiles. He was absolutely the cutest thing when he did that! Epic moment! The greatest!!! T_T It was beautiful. And then he got off the cruise and we followed.

By then of course there were groups of fans waiting for him and no one mobbed him. Everyone kept clear but followed him. About 200m ahead, he got into a van and drove away. On impulse, the chinese Cass, her friend and I ran into a taxi and followed the van. And...I will continue this later. It's getting quite late.

I will write about these things tmrw!
- Junsu @ cafe
- Hotel waiting/Jae sighting
- JaeChun + Ricky

I also have a short video of Junsu on the cruise but that will have to wait until my head stops spinning to post it up, so that'll be tomorrow~ If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Part 2

So after we followed the van, we thought Junsu was going back to the hotel but he drove straight by it and went to a Australian -style cafe. There was only the 3 of us so the codi unnie came up to ask and told us some conditions but we already knew. We told here we aren't going to take any pictures or videos but we are just going to watch him from afar (we were like 10-15m away from him). The chinese Cass I was with had a sign/towel she brought with her that read something like "Junsu~ I want you!". As soon as the codi unnie left, we watched Junsu and he was looking at us.

The Chinese cassies I was with quickly held up the towel and a loss of what to do just made a huge heart with my arms. They had 2 cameramen with him still and one of them filmed us! We were so excited and posed like crazy. Junsu then waved at us and laughed. And we waved like crazy too. After that, he ordered his food and drinks and ate. We were just giggling and spazzing like crazy because he waved and laughed and it's JUNSU!

After that, we decided that he could possibly do autographs since it was the only the three of us. When we tried the first time, one another group of fangirls came. And as time went by, more girls came. It was kind of getting...not very good because there was a swarm of girls on the street. The codi unnie came down to us again and told us you can't be too close, etc etc so we had to move even further back. She basically told us that the manager did not trust us in behaving well. Can't blame him though. Nothing much happened, we just watched him and waited. One of his male staff came down to us at one point asking us if we could turn away since he didn't want us to see him eating(?). Well we did. By this time I think one group of girls went home.
After he finished, he got into the van and we said bye~ to him. We don't know where he went...we don't think he went back to the hotel. Maybe for more filming? Well we all walked back to the hotel (some people went somewhere else, no idea where) and we decided our best bet to have a glimpse of the other two is to wait at the hotel.

So we waited at the hotel...we got shuffled out a couple of times because I was waiting for the chinese Cassies to get their technical difficulties out of the way (they booked a room and told us to wait for them~) and because we did not book a room or buy anything we weren't allowed to stay in the hotel. However once we were kicked out, the chinese Cassies called my friends and I back in and she said that she heard they were going to come down for lunch. That was around 3pm Aus time and I thought it made sense since it would be technically 1pm in Jap/Kor time. We all sat down at the cafe in the hotel and we were so tired by then, chasing Junsu took a lot of energy and none of us had eaten anything for the day so we decided to order some food and drinks at wait. We ate slowly so we wouldn't be kicked out and besides we didn't want to wolf down the food.

Fast forwarding time, suddenly two hooded guys came out of the elevator, surrounded by security. We bolted out of the hotel and saw them climb into the van. We were so mesmerised by Jaejoong that we forgot what the hell we were doing. After they drove off, we figured that we should take a taxi and charged to one. We didn't see who the other hooded guy was. The traffic was starting to get pretty bad in the city around that time and we kind of lost them afterwards. My friends and I got out of the taxi. Wallowed in depression of losing them and then decided to ehad back to the hotel. Thinking that the other hoodie guy was Yoochun we were really sad that we missed them and thought they wouldn't be back for at least 2 hrs or more. We sat in the cafe again, ordered other drinks and then suddenly we heard screaming! We ran to the front of the hotel to see what was going on and apparently Jaejoong came back and that the hoodie guy wasn't Yoochun. We decided to move to the front of the cafe so we could just bolt out like before and climb into a taxi and chase them.

Anyway, the chinese Cassies finally came back from the previous taxi chase (they went too) and said that they heard they are going for dinner/walking around soon so we should be on stand by. I thanked her and we finished our drinks and went outside. We saw their van and driver getting ready and so we decided to stand by a taxi. Anyway, the driver kept fooling around with us...getting into the van...driving it a few meters...stopping...getting out....repeating the whole process. ==" We were on the edge at ALL times and it was so nerve wracking. Some of the staff at the hotel knew who we were waiting for and they laughed at us. No idea why, but they thought we were funny I guess?
FINALLY after a really long time (and wanting to pee D: ) they came out. And by they I mean JaeChun and Ricky. Before I even saw them get into the van, I ran into the taxi. I think there were at least 3 taxies who chased them but one taxi lost them. The chinese Cassies' taxi and our taxi were chasing them with great luck. Our taxi driver was so good we were in front of the van at one point. It was so hilarious because we didn't know where to go unless they were in front of us. We had to give way to DBSK. When they went by us, I think Ricky was looking out the window. We waved madly and he had the "meh~" face. XD I saw the back of Yoochun through the windows. Anyway, both our taxies made it to their destination, The Opera House! We scrambled out of the taxi and we all gasped when we saw Jaejoong.

Let me take this paragraph to describe how perfect he was. He was in a good mood and was all smiles. I think he found it amusing that we followed them. He was SO perfect. He was cute, stunning, brilliant, hot and just....PERFECT. He glowed too!!! He looks EXACTLY the same in real life but it's just seeing him in real life was so surreal. It was so pretty. We were all like "PRETTY PEOPLE ARE HERE!", well we didn't scream or anything. We were spazzing to each other. It was so...surreal. Really. Jae is SO perfect! We didn't even know how it is possible. And then Micky got out of the van. Dayum, he was looking fine. He was wearing sunglasses and he was really thin. T_T;; But he looked really good. He had his own charms and he glowed. Ricky came out wearing the most ridiculous pants. Not even going to go there. XD He looked amused.

Anyway, we DEFINITELY kept our distance and the chinese cassies and my group did not take any pics/videos of them at all. We truly respected them. I think some girls tried to though (the 3rd taxi caught up?) and were told off. However we did take pics of each other to remember the day~ and I mean the view was really great. We trailed them and Jaejoong was like a little boy! He was so happy and dandy. It was sooooooo perfect. JAKDGHAKJDHGAKJ I cannot stress HOW perfect he is. He is a God. REALLY. Yoochun was on the phone~ talking~ and Ricky...was ridiculous. His pants were terrible. Hahaha.
They went to a cafe I think, ordered beers and did what guys do. Sat around drinking and talking and we watched them. It was like watching an MV. ._. Yoochun was STILL on the phone and drinking beer or taking a smoke here and there. =_= I hope he was talking to someone important. XD Anyway Jae looked real happy. T_T Perfect man. We were ALL so thirsty and hungry and watching them eat really made it worse. Even though we kept our distance we decided to buy some food/drinks. The closest cafe was the one they went to so we didn't go in huge butt groups. We went in twos or threes~ just to show no threat to them.

Anyway, they sat for a while and they finally got up to head towards the ferries to Mosman Bay. We followed them and one of their male staff stayed behind to make sure we kept our distance. Some girls gave him a gift to pass onto the boys and I thought it was the perfect moment to give JaeChun each a "Always Keep The Faith" wristband. I handed it to the male staff but he must have had limited knowledge of english because he ignored me. T_T;;;;

He let us through after 2minutes and we followed again. When they got to the ferries they jumped straight on. We didn't know whether to follow or not~. The male staff stayed near the ticket gate. I think he was worried we would charge through (with tickets of course) and follow. He stood there. I thought this was a good time to try and get him to understand I want to give them something. I went as close as possible and held out the wristbands. I think he finally got it and approached me. I told him "Could you please give these to Jaejoong and Micky?" and he nodded and we totally bowed and everything. Said thank you and we were really grateful. We watched him personally give it to Jae and Chun! And Jae popped it right on! I couldn't see what Chun was doing. He definitely read what was on the wristband though and he played around wtih it. We bought 10 tickets (chinese cassies + my group) and well their ferry already left. We were really disappointed. However the next ferry came in like 10 minutes. So we decided that the chinese Cassies would go on the ferry and we would stay behind and check if the van was still here. We figured if the van was here they would come back. The journey of the ferry was 45mins. My friends and I were kind fo satisfied, we didn't mind if we didn't see them again but we didn't mind staying either and helping out. And we just wanted to grab dinner. So we checked the van, yes it was still there. We went to freshen up, look around the cafes for food and went back to wait for the ferry. When it was time they really did come back~ and so did the chinese Cassies. Somehow, they caught up. Anyway we followed them all the way back to the van and well I said bye~ and my friends and I left to go home. The chinese Cassies followed them.

And that's the end of the story. I hope I didn't leave out any important points. Overall the experience was really great and even though I feel literally like crap today, it was all worth it. I did not go to the airport today to see JaeChun leave due to my tiredness. =( I would have liked to see JaeChun again. T_T They were perfection!

Hope you enjoyed the fanaccount.



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