Saturday, January 9, 2010

[RUMOR] 100109 Jaejoong Going to Canada?

Hello Members!!!

How are you all doing? Did you all have a good Christmas and a great New Year? I hope so ^^

Anyway this is a short e-mail that I'm trying to get out ASAP. I just received notice from a Cassiopeia member that our lovely JaeJoong is coming to Canada to shoot something TODAY!!!!!!!

He's going to Toronto... here is the info I have so far:

he is in flight AC064, Air Canada...the plane took off from incheon airport at 18.00 Incheon time.
Now, because the flight will be heading in Toronto transit via Vancouver (or vice versa) I cant confirm where he is heading exactly.
Estimating he will arrive around 11am Canada time

If I get more I will post it on polaris itself in free your mind.... So please keep up to date with it as I will as well.

Now, before you freak out I must let you know that this has just been told to me. Were both trying to figure it out as it comes at us. This may change, it is not set in stone but I wanted to get it out there to all of you ASAP.

Take care, have a lovely weekend!

- Jeannie (JaeJoongiesGal) from TVXQCanada

Source: Jeannie@TVXQCanada

this is not 100% confirmed yet.


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