Sunday, January 3, 2010

[TRANS] 100104 Tohoshinki at CDTV Part 3, Continued~~

[TRANS] 011004 Tohoshinki at CDTV 3
An article for a Japanese fan blog, continued

Jaejoong during JUDY AND MARY ~ He is moving his head and taking the rhythm.
Changmin during Tohoshinki. (T/N: “Doushite~”)...everyone is clapping, but are you embarrassed? He is looking sincerely at the video.
Yunho is singing the lyrics “Doushite~ kimiwo~” ~
Jaejoong is clapping~
Did Junsu received some comments? He is smiling~
Yoochun, are you talking to Jaejoong? Yes, he is! Smiling!
Yunho during Morning musume... he is swaying his head~
Junsu during Ami Suzuki ~ Taking the rhythm watching the video ~ oh, the young ami.. (T/N: the video is from 2001)
Changmin during kinki kids ~ no change in his sincere impression ~ no, he is taking the rhythm, so small, but can be seen ^^
Yoochun during Fukumimi.. why is he laughing… so cute!
YUI again, Yunho is taking the rhythm by swaying his head ~ his face looks so sincere??
The next video, Perfume. Yunho is singing the lyrics and his movement is larger ^^
T/N: All the pictures were uploaded by deevinne, thank you so much!
T/N2: So many pictures, still continuing~~ will come back later to post them all!

Source: In 東方神起and eternity ~toko wantebaku~
Translation: smiley @
Special thanks: deevinne @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!


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